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Paul Ratcliff

Dr Paul Ratcliff is a sound recordist, photographer, writer and academic. His productions are led by high fidelity field-recordings. His recordings have been incorporated into art-installations, educational games, sound and photography works, videography, and contributing to, and recording of, musical and spoken word performances. His practice focusses on city soundscapes, urban wildlife recording, ruined, industrial and historical building recording. Typically his work is site-specific and based in Yorkshire and the Pennines, normally exploring environmental, social and historical themes. Many of his productions are accompanied by his and others’ photographs of the locations. The narratives in his productions are often conveyed with minimal spoken-word inclusions or without voice-overs. He is committed to connecting societies to locations, themes and ecologies using sounds. His work is known for revealing unheard or unfamiliar sounds of places, and his compositions are renowned for their mindfulness qualities.